Improve web sales with SMS: CTR 20% – 50%

Nowadays, it is common to wake up and see loads of text messages and notifications on your phone and at least one of those would be a promotional SMS. You are receiving these messages from companies, websites, apps whose services you once used.  They are trying to promote their products and services or upcoming offers as a part of their remarketing strategy.

In fact, SMS marketing is considered as one of the most effective tool to reach your customers directly and generate more sales.

With the development of smartphones and mobile technologies common marketing channels, like television, radio and the internet have become less effective. With the penetration of mobile phones to most rural areas in 2013, mobile networks reached more than 90% of world’s population coverage. Mobile phone features such as availability, affordability and ubiquity of makes it an essential platform for retail marketing and business to customer communication.

Essential for any project

It can be asserted that the mobile phone has turned out to be very essential for any serious “innovative” marketing project. Owing to the rapid development of new smartphone features & technologies, there is a mistaken belief that old technologies such as the SMS, is not up to the task. This is, actually, far from the truth.

It is estimated that approximately 64% of all adults in the United States have a smartphone, and 97% of them send text messages on a regular basis, according to the Pew Research Center.

If your online business does not incorporate a text message or short message service (SMS) strategy into your content marketing program, then you are missing one of the most effective ways of connecting with consumers, building your brand and, of course, increasing your sales.

In recent years, bulk SMS has become so popular as a marketing tool. Many companies are searching for an effective bulk SMS provider to send promotional messages to their customers. However, it’s often very difficult to find a reliable service provider, that can offer a collection of up-to-date & profitable text message marketing tools and strategies. Alternatively, specific mass text messaging software allows you to send mass SMS directly from your Excel database stored on your computer to the recipient’s mobile phone, which is also an effective e-commerce marketing strategy.

Your choice of a competent and dependable mass text messaging service provider can help you get a comprehensive and self-explanatory demonstration of the entire process in order to understand the various aspects of this advertising tool. Text messaging companies can also provide detailed information on various tariff plans available. And with just a single click, you can send mass SMS to several recipients.

In every sense, SMS marketing campaign is a risk free and cost effective channel to engage directly with your customers or prospects with an advertising text message. A reliable SMS provider won’t surprise you with any hidden costs and will deliver your message quickly on all networks throughout the country.

Unlike email letters with the average open rate between 28% – 33%, the average open rate of a text message is around ~ 97%. Moreover, text messages are opened within 15 minutes after delivery. Another advantage of SMS is the “personal touch”, which makes promotional messages treated like SMS from family or friends. In addition to the above, SMS marketing click-through rate of ~36% makes it even more attractive, comparing to email marketing CTR of ~5%.

There are 230 million users of mobile devices in the United States alone and over 2 billion users around the world. As a matter of fact, 99% of all devices are SMS compatible. This is one of the biggest opportunities for brands, which are looking to build solid and long-term relationships with their customers. SMS or text messages remain popular because they are quick and easy to use, which saves time, privacy and personalization.

SMS marketing – The best way to increase sales in 2018

SMS marketing (bulk SMS service) is a cost efficient and very effective channel to reach customers, neither television nor radio is as effective in leads generation and audience targeting. Mobile Marketing SMS allows brand to reach targeted people within seconds to receive and read your SMS. Statistics has revealed, that around 97% of recipients read text messages within first 15 minutes.

Furthermore, SMS marketing has a powerful customer retention strategy and is very cost effective compared to traditional methods such as placing a television ad or expensive newspaper advertisements. The fact, that SMS advertising is time-based gives you the ability to run ads at the exact time when necessary. For example, if you sell beer and pizza, sending SMS offers just a hours before the Super Bowl is aired can sky-rocket your sales.

How to attract customers to return and buy?

Among the marketing tools in e-commerce industry, e-commerce SMS marketing is getting more attention from online store owners. Bulk texting becomes a preferred remarketing channel for businesses. One of the common problems in e-commerce business is high cart abandonment rate – when customers quit the website without checking out. However, there’s a solution that allows to increase sales even with high cart abandonment rate.

For instance, a woman added a lovely bag into her cart on your website, but forgot about it and left it there. Well, she didn’t leave it there because she was not interested but because she totally forgot she had an item abandoned in her cart. With just an SMS sent, this woman can be reminded of the abandonment and, eventually, attracted to return and buy.

The use of SMS marketing campaigns is works perfect in delivering hot offers from brands. Unlike email messages which are, often, never opened by recipient, bulk SMS has proved its effectiveness in capturing customers’ attention to hot offers & announcements.

Mass text messaging is the latest trend that will shape the strategies adopted by marketers in getting their marketing contents delivered across to their target audience. Mobile SMS marketing can be used by businesses of all sizes and types (check out the list of industries that benefit from SMS marketing today) and offers businesses owners a quickest way to reach their target audience. Staying in touch with your customer base and providing regular updates on your business is a great way to build trust and grow brand awareness. o down it’s time to benefit from SMS marketing and recover lost sales.

The advantage of SMS marketing over email marketing is that SMS is highly regulated by TCPA, telephone consumer protection act, compared to email. SMS delivery rate is much higher than e-mail, where the promotional emails end up as junk mail and left unread. The main benefit of SMS marketing is the immediate delivery of messages and the response is almost instant.

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