SMS Platform

Our Mobile Tech API2, or MTA 2.0, is a self-service SMS platform integrated with multiple aggregators and carriers.

Our technology enables us to identify delivery issues quickly and adjust accordingly resulting in excellent delivery, which is our real strength!

Need a simple and easy connection to a delivery platform?

Noc Solutions has the solution!

Advanced reporting capabilities

Visible delivery rates, volume stats, and opt-out rates are expressed as statistical bar graphs that are easy to view as a whole or per line.

Seamless API

Clients can access our SMS platform with ease using a real-time API call or a bulk API to facilitate individual and bulk sending.

Mobile number verification

We remove undeliverable numbers, saving the unnecessary expense of carrier charges that are incurred whether messages are delivered or not.

Customized time zone sending

Per TCPA rules, the MTA 2.0 platform sends customized message delivery specific to the recipient’s time zone. Delivery requests received outside of allowed sending hours are placed in a queue until they are able to be sent.

Opt-out / unsubscribe list management

The system manages incoming opt-out requests and replies to users to acknowledge confirmation.

Our simple user interface provides a number of features:

Customizable webhook postback options

Single message testing

Selectable date range

Intelligent throttling

Event and message logging

Let us show you how it works.