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How SMS Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

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SMS Marketing works for all markets

First of all, SMS marketing is applicable to all markets because of the ability to customize your message and personalize it to your clients. Text Message marketing works well for all types of markets despite the final outcome you are looking for. It's the most effective way to reach the consumer.

Here are the facts:

97% Open Rate

Around 97% of your customers will read the sms

30 sec.

Text messages are read on average in under 30 seconds

No Apps

There is no need to download any apps to access the message

Text message marketing is most used in the following sectors

Text messaging is one of the most effective marketing solution for various industries. Not only because of the high CTR & Open rates, but because of its popularity among clients, who often prefer to get a text notification/message rather than an email or phone call.

SMS is the most used to increase sales, generate leads, enhance customer loyalty and increase revenue by companies in the following 10 industries:

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1. Ecommerce

Ecommerce businesses were one of the first sectors to get benefits from text message marketing campaigns. The most common text messages that retailers are sending out coupons and discounts to customers who opted in. Personalized text messages bring high CTR, help recover lost sales and hook new customers.

2. Lead Generation (Online Marketing)

Sms is commonly used in Online Marketing & Lead Generation industry. Lead Generation, Affiliate and Online marketing companies often use SMS to increase the number of clients 'leads' on the database and increase campaign revenues. Case studies show how text messaging campaigns generate up to 5000% ROI.

3. Restaurants and Hotels

In hospitality industries text message marketing is utilized to promote marketing programmes, offering exclusive discounts and offers to clients & customers who opted in. Hotels benefit from an increase in bookings and revenues as a result of successful text messaging programmes. Text messages are the most effective channel to reach the customer and offer discount & hot offers in hospitality industry.

4. Finance

Financial companies like cash advance lenders, banks and short-term lenders implement SMS solutions as a highly effective method of communication. Account balances and offers for loans and credit cards as well as security alerts are also popular forms of sms customer service. Our case study "SMS text alert integration" shows 833% ROI for a short-term lender.

5. Travel Industry

SMS Marketing is the perfect channel for the travel industry. It has to do with the fact that travelling involves lot's of last-minute updates and details; Texts are ideal since they have high open rates and are usually opened within first 3 minutes. Text message marketing is used to fill empty seats on upcoming flights and to generate sales.

6. Healthcare Industry

Healthcare clinics and hospitals widely using and benefiting from the implementation of SMS campaigns. Text messages mainly used for communication with customers.

7. Nonprofit Organizations

By utilizing the power of text marketing Nonprofit organizations have increased awareness, charity event sales. Text-to-give campaigns have been very successful in raising funds for various causes.

8. Recruiting Agencies and HR

HR departments as well recruitment agencies receiving positive results from using SMS to reach out to job candidates. The most common use of text messaging in this industry is to offer a job interview via SMS.

9. Salons

Beauty salons, including massage parlours, hairdressers, manicure & pedicurists... etc , are making use of text messaging marketing to overcome their industry’s greatest challenges: no-shows, slow days and only one-time clients. Beauty Salon owners also offer discounts and deals to clients over the sms.

10. Insurance Agencies

Sms marketing is taking over Insurance Industry, in fact most of insurance companies increasingly taking advantage of SMS. Text messaging works great to communicate and encourage customers to sign up.

Benefit From Text Message Marketing

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