How to create a successful SMS message template? (Checklist)

For those of you who are not getting enough clicks on your SMS marketing campaigns, here are crucial tips that will help you getting higher click-thru-rates:

1. Identify yourself as a marketer

At the beginning of the text message template be sure to let your users know where the message came from and this will dramatically improve responses.

2. Personalize the first name

If you personalize you will get a higher response, typically this will increase CTR by 2~5% depends on the type of campaign. If you are selling high-end or high-priced ticket items, the personal touch is more important.

3. Clear and inviting call-to-action

It seems trivial but if you “ask” your users  rather than “tell” them to click the link or call, you will get higher responses.

An example here:

  • WorldWideCruise: Hello {firstname}, we have a new cruise to Europe starting Dec 2019. [click] here {link} and claim your 20% voucher. Reply STOP to cancel.
    • Instead of “click or go to” try “come” – you will see higher response

Here is more information

on increasing CTR for designing your SMS marketing campaigns:

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