Can you increase Click-thru-rate, CTR, by 20% with your SMS marketing campaigns?

When you are engaged in SMS marketing campaigns here are the tips that can help you increase CTR with simple AB split tests.

1. Personalize the first name: If you have the information on your customers’ first name, personalize “first name”. This may increase your CTR by 6%. Run the AB tests with and without the first name and see how you do.

2. Invite users: We found that asking users will get you higher CTR. We ran AB tests for directing users to a website with a clickable link. Here is an example:

  • Hi {firstname}, thank you for……… Click here {link} for more information
  • Hi {firstname}, thank you for……… go here {link} for more information
  • Hi {firstname}, thank you for……… Come here {link} for more information
  • “go here” increased CTR by 2%
  • “come here” increased CTR by 4%

3. Injecting “zip code”: We injected variable “zip code” for people who are looking for jobs. To our surprise, the campaign without a “zip code” performed 2% better. It is important to run AB tests.

4. Here are general rules of thumb to create successful SMS message contents:

  • identify yourself – when a user does not know why he is getting the message, you will see low engagement rate.
  • personalize so that you are connecting with a user
  • make the content extremely simple – users are savvy and know what is going on and you don’t need to explain your story in length. Simpler the message better engagement you will see.
  • if you don’t run AB split tests, you may be missing out in potential clicks. If you are generating $100,000 in revenues, a 10% increase in CTR will get you $10,000 additional revenues and the best part is that you did not spend any money on it.

At Noc Solutions, with a series of AB split test, we are successfully increasing our clients’ CTR by over 20% in many cases.

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