What makes you more vulnerable to serial litigators?

These are the qualities that make you a tempting target for litigators looking to make a quick buck.

  • Large companies: the payouts are bigger.
  • History of settling TCPA lawsuits: if litigators know you’ve settled before, they’ll try to make you pay up again.
  • Poorly written call-to-action page and terms & conditions: if your company has obscure or vague language around terms and conditions, opting in, or opting out, litigators will jump on these weaknesses and sue you for them.
  • Companies who don’t realize TCPA applies to them: this one is tricky. If you don’t think TCPA applies to you, be sure to check twice—you could have a quick and dirty lawsuit on your hands.

What are the best ways to avoid TCPA lawsuits?

Though you may try hard to follow TCPA standards, many serial litigators use dirty tricks to produce trivial yet expensive lawsuits. Here are some ways that you can avoid the attention of lawsuit sharks:

  • Avoid contacting and sharing data with known litigators and predators. Staying away from people who like to sue can help keep you off of their radar.
  • Pay attention to Do Not Call lists. Some states have their own lists, so always be aware of the regulations specific to your area.

The best way to avoid lawsuits is to avoid attention from serial litigators and to adhere to TCPA standards.

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