How to save 10% on SMS message cost?

When you are sending a large number of SMS text messages, especially marketing messages, here is a simple tip that can save you 10+% of your sending cost.

If you review carrier’s SMS delivery report, you will find around 10~30% of messages are classified as “failed”.  There are many reasons for failures:

  • attempt to deliver to landlines, VoIP, or non-cellular phone numbers
  • disconnected phone numbers
  • ran out of credits on prepaid cell phones
  • prepaid cell phones that does not deliver SMS to shortcode(s)

Carriers charge you for every phone number you send to its SMS gateway for delivery request for a shortcode or a longcode. The bulk of failures are from non-mobile and disconnected numbers. You can save 10~20% of messages fees by accurately verifying mobile numbers and disconnected phone numbers before sending it to carriers.

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