How to provision a shortcode?

In order to send commercial SMS text messages, you will need a SMS platform provider that provides software that automates a message delivery process.

Typically SMS platform providers are connected to an SMS aggregator that has connectivity to all carriers. An SMS aggregator sorts delivery requests by the carriers and sends phone numbers to SMS gateways for delivery.

Once you have a leased shortcode, you then need to find a SMS platform provider or an aggregator, and submit a shortcode application & campaign brief application. Your SMS platform provider will be able to take care of the process. These provisioning process takes six to eight weeks depending on the complexity and the type of campaigns.

When a provisioning process is completed, you may start sending text messages. Some carriers test and check the type of messages you are sending and see if it meets the requirements of the campaign brief.

There is a cost associated with the provisioning of a shorcode. There is an one time provisioning fee of $2500 ~ $5000 and a monthly recurring fee of $500~$1000 depending on the aggregator.

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