Exciting Changes Ahead for SMS Marketers

Low lead volume, low conversion rates, low sales…

We already know SMS marketing is a powerful way to reach consumers and address those challenges. Consumers open 99% of the text messages they receive, they’re engaged, and they tend to respond immediately. It’s no wonder that while P2P (person-to-person) SMS messaging volume peaked in 2011, commercial SMS text message volume has been steadily on the rise.

SMS marketing works, and things are poised to get better!  Two next generation SMS enabled communication applications, RCS (Rich Communication Services) and Apple’s Business Chat, are starting to have a major impact with benefits to both consumers and marketers.

Both incorporate a branded text experience, allowing a message to act like a mobile application, but without a download. These applications provide easy access and added convenience to users and are so powerful they are likely to replace the bulk of popular mobile applications.

Today these innovations are still on the horizon, and exciting times certainly lie ahead. But if you are collecting phone numbers and are not yet engaging your customers with efficient SMS/mobile marketing programs, you’re leaving a ton of revenue for your competitors.

Now is the time for SMS marketing!

In the past 10 years, Noc Solutions has generated millions of dollars in additional revenue for our clients, with some seeing over 5000% ROI on their SMS-enabled campaigns. The best part is, we do most of the heavy lifting. We can create, implement, and manage your SMS marketing programs and campaigns—in full compliance with TCPA and CTIA requirements.

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