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E-commerce SMS Marketing Strategy

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Why SMS Marketing?

Text Message marketing is a powerful tool to communicate with your customers and generate more sales

97% Open Rate

97% of your customers will read your SMS

Improves Sales

Some of our Campaigns show up to 5000% ROI

Higher CTR

SMS marketing click-through rate is around ~36%

How sms works in e-commerce?

Here is a simple example of how you can use SMS marketing to generate more sales:


Collect Phone Numbers

Following TCPA Rules


Create a Marketing Text

Using 160 characters


Send SMS alerts
Send out Bulk SMS

Through NOC SMS Software


Measure Campaign Results

Manage your Campaign


Attract customers to return and buy

Bulk texting becomes a preferred remarketing channel for businesses.
SMS Marketing is a solution to one of the common problems in e-commerce business is high cart abandonment rate – when customers quit the website without checking out.

For instance...

A woman added a lovely bag into her cart on your website, but forgot about it and left it there. Well, she didn’t leave it there because she was not interested but because she totally forgot she had an item abandoned in her cart.

Sounds familiar?

With just an SMS sent, this woman can be reminded of the abandonment and, eventually, attracted to return and buy.

Average Cart Abandonment Rate - 69%

SMS Marketing is by far the most effective tool to increase sales even with high cart abandonment rate!
SMS Marketing

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