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Published: Jul. 17, 2019 | Blog

Case Study: Using sms marketing for e-commerce websites

Case Study – a “health and beauty” website is seeing 2,000% ROI from SMS re-marketing campaigns.

Noc Solutions conducted SMS campaigns for health and beauty e-commerce site with SMS alerts to remind shoppers who abandoned their carts to come back and receive 10% off.   

During the latest six- month campaign, the alerts yielded the following results:  178,560 texts produced and 485 sales

The reminder alerts generated $38,800 worth of revenue.  

The delivery cost of $1785 produced a 2,173% return on this e-commerce site’s investment.

Other various websites were tested for e-Commerce and lead generation websites. Response rates ranged between 2.7% ~ 18% and conversions varied 4% ~ 15%. The factors made SMS alerts successful:

  • real time mobile data captured and SMS alerts delivered
  • to have a compelling offer or reason for consumers to go back and finish shopping – such as providing “free” shipping or 10% off of product/service about to purchase
  • allowing a consumer to have easy access to shopping cart return page that is pre-populated with customer and product information
  • campaigns generated 800~2,000% ROI


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