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Short Code Acquisition and Management

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A short code is a five or six-digit phone number required to send commercial text messages. Short codes are a reliable and versatile method for mass texting.

  • High delivery throughput
  • Send hundreds of messages per second
  • Volume of messages may be adjusted as demand fluctuates

In the past, SMS marketing relied on shared short codes, meaning multiple companies shared the same number. Today’s carriers support only dedicated short codes specific to the individual business. 


Short codes are leased from the U.S. Common Short Code Administration (CSCA), an organization owned by U.S. carriers. Fees include a one-time program integration fee of $3,000 to $4,000, plus monthly recurring fees ($500 for a random short code to $1000 for a customized vanity short code) and an SMS gateway access fee. 

Application process.

The application process for short codes requires completing a program submission form that includes a detailed campaign description. Depending on the complexity and type of campaign, short code approval usually takes six to eight weeks.

Noc Solutions can help!

While there is no guarantee a short code request will be approved, Noc Solutions has a solid record of success in procuring and managing short codes. Once approved, the short code must be hosted by a platform provider such as Noc Solutions. 

Find out how our gateway platform can help you launch your SMS Marketing Campaign.   

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