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Case Studies

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The following case studies represent just a sample of the success our clients have realized by partnering with NOC Solutions for their mobile marketing needs.

SMS text alert integration results in 833% ROI

Customer:  Short-term lender

Strategy:  Transactional text messages, based on business rules set by the lender, were sent to existing customers to drive traffic to lender’s websites and activate a second loan

Details and results:

  • Case study duration: 41 weeks
  • SMS texts sent: 132,726
  • Visits to the application websites: 18,255
  • Funded loans:  2,065
  • Cost of text messaging campaign – $13,273
  • Revenue generated: $110,628
  • ROI: 833%

SMS text alert collects on past due accounts

Customer:  Cash advance lender

Strategy:  SMS text messages sent to collect on delinquent loan accounts

Details and results:

  • SMS texts sent: 1,206
  • Customer response and subsequent payment:  37
  • Customers retained as active accounts: 2

200 leads generated via bulk SMS marketing campaign

Customer:  Auto dealership with six outlets on the East Coast

Strategy:  8,000 text messages with a $20 gas card incentive to reply back to the short code

Results:  200+ responses and 67 visits to their showrooms

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